Thailand – Add on 5 Days

Thailand Photographic Intrepid Adventure – Julie and Bose will take you to these unknown locations.   Add ON 5 Days, for the intrepid travelers only:  $1200 pp

Within a few hours drive from Chiang Mai, this northern Thai Escape is aimed at penetrating locations known only by locals. In 2017, our on location National Geographic photographer, Bose,  will take his experience with us further with 5 days of culture and landscape in the mountains around Chiang Mai and north to near the border.   This is ONLY for people ready to enjoy nature in small get away accommodation and home stays. 

Are you ready to rough it ?

We commence our adventure with a small plane flight from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son, flying over mountains covered in  tea plantations and valleys filled with rice fields.  In Mae Hong Song, we wander around the lake at night which is  just so stunning with the reflection of the temples rippling in the huge lake, which is surrounded by local markets with street food amount Tai Yai(Shan minority).

Early morning walk give food to monks on Bintabaht on the street and morning market capturing street photograph.

We head to the country, on the way we may  see people are doing rice husking to a village is deep in the mountain tea growing region.  Our next stop is staying on the banks of the  Pang Ung reservoir surrounded with pine trees beautiful view for relaxing and landscape photography.

The sunrise over the Pang Ung reservoir is spectacular with bands of lights and shadows dancing through the trees, with soft mist above the water surface. We visit Lahu minority villages in Pang Ma Pha district, capturing and experiencing their daily life. Live and learn to know how to be with people to get good images from the social documentary experience Bose shares with passion.

On our fourth day, we can walk a short distance from our home stay to our early morning shoot waiting and watching the sun comes up at Ban Ja Bo Cafe where you can hang your legs on the edge of the cafe enjoying some hot coffee or tea and breakfast with wonderful misty mountain view deliver in front of you.

We then head to Pai(some said a little hipster village) to change our mood, enjoy a little city life after we’ve been through a lot of nature life style.  We relax and wander through the huge Pai walking street market and enjoy a local dinner.

Our last morning shoot waiting for the first light on small Chinese Yunnan mountain village. -Have some coffee or tea at coffee in peace and reminisce over our photos before heading back to safely to Chiang Mai with our local Tour Driver Ravi and Bose.

If you are up to this exciting trip, with a limit of 5 people, please contact Julie to Book.