Beginners’ Photographic Workshop

Date:  August 26th, 9.00am  – 1pm  & September 2nd, 2017 9.00am to 1pm

Price: Only $250  and bring a friend for half price (Max 8 people only)

Location: Garaze Studio, 14 Archer Place, Wellington Point

Future courses will commence when 4 people are booked. Days or nights to suit photographers.

Progress from shooting in Auto to fully manually in two half days with theory, notes and practical guidance.

Skills you will master:
  • Camera Basics – Understand Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO relationship
  • Techniques using semi-manual settings, when, where and how and why.
  • Control light, with ISO and White Balance, focus points and light metering
  • Simple tips on composition Unleash the creative potential  GO  Full Manual

Great if you have a friend to cut costs on the special then go photographing together!

Without a clear understanding of the exposure triangle and your camera functions to create artistic images, there is not need to use a DSLR.   As shooting on AUTO is the same as on SHOOTING on your pocket camera or phone and will give you similar result.  So take advantage of your great camera and YOU become the DIRECTOR not the camera!

If these times or dates don’t suit you, please Contact Julie to organise an alternative.