Creative Photoshop using Sketching & Watercolour Technique

When:  Commencing February  10th, 2015 – Four weeks Duration
Time:    Tuesday 1am – 4pm (6 people minimum)
Where: The Garaze´ Studio  14 Archer Pl, Wellington Pt
Cost: $150  (20% discount – $120 for PSQ Club Members & iPhotographMagic facebook members)

Watercolour Technique Description

This is an Advance Photoshop workshop. Within this class you will learn everything there is to know about creating beautiful watercolour paintings, directly from photographic source image, using brush tools and cloning techniques

If you wish for watercolour in Photoshop, you’ll have everything you need to become an expert here!  (Small cost for program required)


Please Note: Requires a graphics tablet to be able to do the effects correctly.


Week 1- 2

  • Revision of Tim’s Watercolour process using images of your choice

Priss Selenawarmcoloured

Week 3-4

  • Learn how to create a sketch from a photo

Baby Portrait thumbnail