Photographic Tuition

Photography has become one of the fastest growing hobbies, with many enthusiasts not understanding the capabilities of their new DSLR, and shooting on “Auto” settings.

Is this you?

Julie’s Beginners Lessons, classes are designed to take you from shooting in Auto settings to being able to shoot in Manual settings, to allow you to begin to Unleash your Creativity and take control of your camera.

Advanced classes will be offerred by “Experts” in each field whom Julie has been inspired by during her years of experience in the photographic scene.

Beginners Photographic Workshop – Over 2 Half Days

Learn how to master your camera over 2 Half Days, going from shooting on Auto to shooting on Manual, with Theory and Practical. 

Date: 26 th August – 9.00am – 1pm & 2nd Sept 9.00 am – 1.00pm

Price: Only $250  and bring a friend for half price (Max 8 people only)

Location: Garaze Studio, 14 Archer Place, Wellington Point

Course will commence when 3 people are booked. Days or nights to suit photographers.

Progress from shooting in Auto to fully manually in one day with theory, notes and practical guidance.  Learn the same information as five week course but in one day. This would suit people who have some knowledge of photography but need the technical basics explained to lift their image quality and knowledge of their camera. Great if you have a friend to cut costs on the special then go photographing together!

Skills you will master –  also practice new skills during each lesson.
  • Camera Basics – Understand Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO relationship
  • Techniques using semi-manual settings, when, where and how and why.
  • Control light, with ISO and White Balance. focus points and light metering
  • Simple tips on composition Unleash the creative potential  GO  Full Manual
  • Skills you will master –  also practice new skills during each lesson.
  • Small groups – local in Redlands
  • Optional Extra after lessons: Join  local practical weekly workshops

If these times or dates don’t suit you, please Contact Julie to organize an alternative.




Lightroom Lessons Over 2 Nights (Beginners to Advanced)

When:   January 5th & 12th  –   With a practical morning date TBA  (complimentary)
Time:    9.30am to 12.30pm Thursday (6 people minimum)
Where: Garaze Studio, Wellington Pt
Cost:     $150 Julie offers a $30 discount for members of PSQ Affiliated Clubs & iPhotographMagic Facebook group –  iPhotographMagic.

Join our iPhotographMagic Facebook group here  Graphics-Vibe-Simple-Rounded-Social-Facebook

Please feel free to join our Facebook group here Graphics-Vibe-Simple-Rounded-Social-Facebook

Note: optional extra Advanced Lightroom lesson (by Donation) for practical to review any concerns you may have after the lessons.

Course summary:
Brian Geraghty and Julie Geldard will work together to take you over 2 nights.  During this introductory course, we will go through the basic features of Lightroom covering importing, sorting, developing and exporting images. You will gain practical experience by working on some images and be ready to use Lightroom for your image management workflow when you get home!

Before and After

Photoshop 4 week course (Beginners to Advanced)

When: Commencing  soon.   Lodge your interest by contacting Julie.
6.30 – 9.30 every Thursday  (6 people minimum)
Where:  Wynnum West
Cost: $275  DISCOUNT:  Julie offers a $25 discount for members of PSQ Affiliated Clubs & iPhotographMagic Facebook group

iPhotographMagic. Please feel free to join our Facebook group here  Graphics-Vibe-Simple-Rounded-Social-Facebook

Note: optional extra for week 5 only $65 –  Advanced “extended” taking layers and masks a step further using creative techniques this can be arranged during the course.

Course summary:

Be guided by a Professional Photoshop Trainer, Cheryl Zwarts with 4  – 5 weeks of hands on lessons, step by step notes and practical challenges each week to ensure understanding. Cheryl will demonstrate using Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS6 & CS5.

Photoshop is now becoming an essential component to the art of Photography. Give your images the final WOW factor by mastering from the basics to advanced techniques over 4 – 5 weeks. Cheryl’s years of expertise and patience will guide you into the world of masks, layers, replacing colours, changing skies with ease as you follow along with your own laptop if possible. Due to interest in advanced photoshop techiniques Cheryl will now offer the optional extra for week 5 extended photoshop layering techniques.

Enjoy our “Photoshop Fun” group to keep you skills up. Tuesday mornings or early evenings.

Week 1: Photoshop – A First Look
Week 2: Photoshop Introduction
Week 3: Photoshop Intermediate
Week 4: Photoshop Advanced
Week 5: Photoshop Advanced and creative layering techniques.

Alice_street_before_lr2  Alice_street_after_lr22_rotated2

Creative Photoshop Lessons – 4 hour workshop

When:   Commencing  soon.  Please register your interest with Julie
   Saturday morning 9am – 1pm
Where:  The Garaze´ Studio  14 Archer Pl, Wellington Pt
Cost:       $75 

Take your photography  into a creative realm guided by an expert in Creative Photoshop skills

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Creative Night Photography Workshop (City Lights – Filters)

When:  Please send Julie your details:

Where: On location at Holman Park Kangaroo Point with Julie Geldard.

Ever wondered how to create smoky water, deeper colours in sunsets, cloud formations using FILTERS.
Create your own stunning City Lights using filters, graduated and solid. Have fun with creative night lights photography.

Price: $75


Image by Betty Grant during Vid Pic Pro workshop.