Photoshop 4 night course

When:   February 4th  each Thursday evening for 4 weeks  *5th week optional extra
Time   6.30 – 9.30pm (6 people minimum)
Where:  Wynnum West – Training Rooms of Photoshop Trainer Cheryl Zwart
Cost: $275  DISCOUNT:  Julie offers a $25 discount for members of PSQ Affiliated Clubs & iPhotographMagic face book group
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Note: optional extra for week 5 only $65 –  Advanced “extended” taking layers and masks a step further using creative techniques this can be arranged during the course.

Course summary:

Be guided by a Professional Photoshop Trainer, Cheryl Zwarts with 4  – 5 weeks of hands on lessons, step by step notes and practical challenges each week to ensure understanding. Cheryl will demonstrate using Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS6 & CS5.

Photoshop is now becoming an essential component to the art of Photography. Give your images the final WOW factor by mastering from the basics to advanced techniques over 4 – 5 weeks. Cheryl’s years of expertise and patience will guide you into the world of masks, layers, replacing colours, changing skies with ease as you follow along with your own laptop if possible. Due to interest in advanced photoshop techiniques Cheryl will now offer the optional extra for week 5 extended photoshop layering techniques.

Enjoy our “Photoshop Fun” group to keep you skills up. Tuesday mornings or early evenings.
Week 1: Photoshop – A First Look
Week 2: Photoshop Introduction
Week 3: Photoshop Intermediate
Week 4: Photoshop Advanced
Week 5: Photoshop Advanced and creative layering techniques.

Week 1 – Photoshop – A First Look

The Photoshop Interface The Tools Panel -A Quick Overview Of The Tools Using The Correct Selection Tool Using Gaussian Blur To Creat Depth Of Field Pasting An Image Into A Selection Cropping An Image For Competitions A Quick Look At Cloning Sharpen An Image gaussian_blur_befor140B2AA_lessons_1

Week 2 – Photoshop Introduction

Use The Crop Tool To Straighten An Image Crop An Image, Respecting The Resolution Of The Image Correct Camera Distortion Use The Clone Stamp Tool Work With A Histogram Using Levels Use The Healing Brush Tool To Eliminate Elements In A Sky Use Hue Saturation To Highlight Colour Create A Panoramic Shot From Multiple Images How To Crop An Image For The Digital Competition How To Present A Before And After Shot For Our Projects cloning_intro_week_2 week_2_intro_paste_into

Week 3 – Photoshop Intermediate

Using Layers Creating Your Own Layered Document Dodge And Burn Adding A Gradient Sharpening Your Image Shadows Highlights Using A Levels Adjustment Layer Join Images Using A Mask Explore And Adjust Colours Using Adjustment Layers Change Part Of Image To Mono Fix Hot Spots Using Multiple Images To Create A Sharp Macro Shot mono_with_flower_colour_intermediate change_colour_intermediate_week_3


Week 4 – Photoshop Advanced

A Quick Look At HDR Different Methods To Change An Image To Mono Using Clipping Masks Advanced Cloning Look At Displacement Maps Using Smart Filters More About Layers The Benefits Of Raw Tips And Tricks (Disappearing Crowd, Eliminating Chromatic Aberration, Removing Power lines)



Week 5:  Taking Photoshop Layers and Masks into Creative elements. (Optional Extra $65 – post photoshop participants only)