Yacht Photos / Videos


Julie’s love and knowledge of racing and creative photographic skills allows her to capture the best images  of your boat sailing or racing.
Julie captures high resolution digital images  and these are for sale in  digital form and in a wide variety of print forms.

Digital images:

HR Digital images

For many years Vidpicpro  has provided a single High Resolution Digital image. The HR Digital file is sized to allow  printing of a 20cm by 30 cm print at 200 dpi resolution.
The term HR Digital image used on this website specifically refers to the quality described above.

HR Digital files that allow similar quality prints at a larger size are available .

200 dpi quality for print size 45cm by 60 cm  $75
200 dpi quality for print size 51cm by 76 cm  $100

Please feel free to discuss your personal needs  with Julie here

LR Digital images

LR Digital images are files designed  for use on mobile devices  and to facilitate image sharing by email.


Montages  are Julie’s most sort after product. These are substantial art works that captures multiple shots of your yacht  and can also display race  and crew details. The fact that you will inly need to outlay a single framing cost for your work is a bonus.

Canvases :

Julie only uses the best quality canvas printing service available. She has often had clients pay for “el-cheepo” canvas printing using their digital purchases and regret it. The HR Digital images supplied are suited  to a 20cm by 30cm  200 dpi print job. Up-sampling the file to print a large canvas degrades the image. Even if you purchase a larger HR Digital file (see above ) the poor quality pigments used by the cheep canvas printers do not tolerate the Queensland sun at all. In short you get what you pay for. Julie works hard to capture you the image you want and has sourced reliable quality printing for all her products. More information here

NEW innovative canvas option,

Julie can now offer a Canvas Print with added paint effect , by hand (Giclee print) . The resultant canvas is 60cm by 90 cm. Please contact Julie about this exciting option

Aluminium Prints :

These are available ( more information to follow)



As well as the best in marine still photography Julie   produces HD  Video Clips. These   video clips provide the best showcase for your boat in action, demonstrating the design, sailing, and style of your boat. Nothing is better for re-living the race or promoting your yacht when it come time to trade up.

A fantastic marketing tool!

With the increased number of online buyers your market is now the world.  Video Clips on websites have already taken off overseas, being recognised as essential to the“online shop front”.  Video clips are rated in the top 5 effective ways  to increase website  Search Engine Optimization increasing traffic to our site.   With 20 years of marketing experience and my passion for creative photography, I invite you to contact Vid Pic Promotions  to discuss further the Promotional Price Package suitable to your business needs to give your website the emotional connection. Please pre-book prior to the race to ensure adequate coverage for a Promotional Video Clip.

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