QCYC Vintage Yacht Regatta 2014


vr regata specials image    Julie has  Great Race specials for this year’s Vintage Yacht Regatta

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QCYC Vintage Yacht Regatta 2014 price list

Please note race specials available  for 30 days post race only

Please note”HR Digital Images” specifically  refers to a high resolution digital image that allows printing of a 20cm by 30 cm print at a resolution of 200DPI. HR Digital files that allow similar quality prints at a larger size are available see here. LR Digital Images refer to digital images that are  suited to mobil devices and sharing via email . (not suitable for use as desktop display this requires purchase of a HR image) 

Digital Images

LR Digital Images (single) $15
LR Digital Images 3 for $30  Race special

HR Digital Images ( single) $40.00
HR Digital  Images 3 for $60 Race special
HR Digital  images all  of your yacht this race $120 (formRace special

Julie will provide a LR copy  of all HR Images purchased so you can readily view your image on a mobil device and share it via email.

Photographic prints, professionally printed 

Print 20cm by 30cm $40.00
Print 20cm by 30cm  2 for $60 Race special
Print  poster 51cm by 76 cm$100.00 Race special  get 2 copies for the same price $100

Photographic prints on canvas , over wooden frame 

Canvas Print stretched on timber frame small 40cm by 50 cm $150.00
Canvas Print stretched on timber frame medium 50cm by 75 cm usually $250 Race special $200
Canvas Print stretched on timber frame Large 60cm by 90cm $350.00

Additional art work / special effects
Montages these are very popular several images with less framing costs

Montage 30cm by 46 cm ( 4 images)  $75.00 (form) Race special additional copies only $25
Montage 51cm by 76 cm (5 images)  $125.00 (formRace special additional copies only $25

New product a canvas print that is improved with hand painting by a notable sunshine coast artist.

Canvas Print with added paint effect , by hand (Giclee print) 60cm by 90 cm
usually $650 Race special $550 (form)

Commercial copyright licensing contact Julie Gift certificates any value contact julie


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